Eggs in space, a lunatic game for the iPhone!

Eggs in Space finally submitted!

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At long last we’ve sent Eggs in Space to the folks at Apple and now we’re waiting to find out if our baby gets approved. That would be quite a Christmas present for us so we’ve written to Santa to say we’ve been good Bees.

As you can probably tell we are aiming to get Eggs in Space on sale in time for Christmas, we’ve even included a special Christmas mini-game (the highly originally named ‘Christmas Eggs in Space’) in this first version of our debut game. There has been a whole lot of tweaking of the gameplay these last few weeks and we’ve tried our damndest to get it playing smoothly on the 3G. Other more well-endowed iPhones have never been an issue, but John has worked wonders on tidying up the code and we’ve even included a simple version of the game for those, like myself, who still carry our trusty older machines in our pocket.

It’s a bit of a mystery what the procedure is for getting your app approved, so we’ve read a few bits and pieces on the topic, but really we need to do it for ourselves. The game runs as well as most of the apps we’ve come across and our testing seems to have ironed out all bugs, so fingers, toes and all other wiggly bits will be crossed that it all goes smoothly. It will be quite a thrill to see Eggs in Space in amongst all the other releases, but we’re proud we’ve even got this far. It’s been less than six months before we decided to develop games and here we are on the verge of releasing something into the wild.

What We’re Playing

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Grand Turismo 5 (PS3) – The best is better than ever, but will any of us ever be able to afford a Ferrari P4?

Game Dev Story (iPhone) – If only we were as good at this in real life!

Minecraft (Mac) – We’re still addicted, as are many more gamers. True indie game hero, one of 2010’s best.

Trainyard (iPhone) – One man’s mad paint and train thinkings brought to life is now rightly a big seller. His tales on making it in the App Store is certainly food for thought.

Joe Danger (PS3) – Never has one man’s pain been so funny. It appeals to the same dark part of you that giggles when somebody falls over on all this ice.

Eggs in Space (iPhone) – Yes, this old chestnut. Testing is work don’t you know?

Ho ho ho – Christmas Eggs in Space is coming!

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While John has been ironing out bugs on Eggs in Space we decided to throw together a little mini-game with a Christmas theme. If you buy Eggs in Space for your trusty iPhone or iPod Touch before the end of the holidays you’ll also get Christmas Eggs in Space. That’s assuming we get our first app approved by Apple before Christmas, but we’re quietly confident.

Aside from a sprinkling of space-snow and a few Santa hats, this mini-game comes with an all new evil egg – Ed Nog! He’s a floating snow-egg that flings snow balls at unsuspecting Spoons in a bid to spoil their festive fun. Think of him as the anti-Santa.

Chris has come up with a better Christmas tune than the X Factor could manage, I think he should call it ‘We Wish You a Wobbly Christmas’ as it’s a right naughty little ditty.

Now the race is on to get Eggs in Space out there in time for Christmas otherwise you won’t be seeing our little festive edition for another year!

What we’re playing

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When we’re not making games we’re playing games. Or sleeping. Or eating. Or playing darts. But most of the time you’ll find us fiddling with our phones and controlling our controllers. These are the titles that are currently lighting up our screens and keeping us off the streets…

Leave Home (Xbox Arcade) - One for the ravers! Trippy, indie shooter with rave influenced name, look and sound. Best enjoyed under the influence of rave.

Reckless Racing (iPhone) - Not a big game, but a good one. Just needs a few more tracks to keep us playing.

Sonic 4 (iPhone) - New side-scrolling Sonic makes us happy Bees.

Minecraft (Mac) - I thought Chris was recommending Mein Kampf, turns out he said Minecraft which is as brilliant as it is blocky.

Fifa 11 (PS3) - Better than Pro Evil? We think so. Best enjoyed with good mates, rubbish teams and four controllers.

Halo Reach (Xbox) - Personally I'd rather go to Laser Quest, but the rest of the chaps are fraggin' and braggin' non-stop. Big worlds, big guns, big fun.

Cut the Rope (iPhone) - Top of the iPhone pops, a time waster extraordinaire.

Eggs in Space (iPhone) - Plenty of testing as we polish things off with our baby means spending plenty of time zapping our oval children.

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