Eggs in Space finally submitted!

Filed under: Development updates, Game news — Phil @ 9:31 pm December 21, 2010

At long last we’ve sent Eggs in Space to the folks at Apple and now we’re waiting to find out if our baby gets approved. That would be quite a Christmas present for us so we’ve written to Santa to say we’ve been good Bees.

As you can probably tell we are aiming to get Eggs in Space on sale in time for Christmas, we’ve even included a special Christmas mini-game (the highly originally named ‘Christmas Eggs in Space’) in this first version of our debut game. There has been a whole lot of tweaking of the gameplay these last few weeks and we’ve tried our damndest to get it playing smoothly on the 3G. Other more well-endowed iPhones have never been an issue, but John has worked wonders on tidying up the code and we’ve even included a simple version of the game for those, like myself, who still carry our trusty older machines in our pocket.

It’s a bit of a mystery what the procedure is for getting your app approved, so we’ve read a few bits and pieces on the topic, but really we need to do it for ourselves. The game runs as well as most of the apps we’ve come across and our testing seems to have ironed out all bugs, so fingers, toes and all other wiggly bits will be crossed that it all goes smoothly. It will be quite a thrill to see Eggs in Space in amongst all the other releases, but we’re proud we’ve even got this far. It’s been less than six months before we decided to develop games and here we are on the verge of releasing something into the wild.

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  • Hi guys,. loving the look of both your blogsite and this new game! it looks great! much admiration!

    all at Soundmob are open-nouthed fans!

    all the best for the new year!

    ps: do you do facebook app design perchance?

    Comment by doug.wood — January 5, 2011 @ 3:49 pm

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